Goodbye 2018

In honor of the year, I wanted to list 9 lessons learned, and 9 intentions set. Thought it was interesting reflecting on this year, it wasn't all about what I've done, its about ways I failed, the ways I experienced deep joy.


1. Slow Progress is Still Progress
2. Perfection can be the death of an amazing idea 
3. Singing is the best remedy for the blues
4. We work with what we come to know, but what we don't know is the catalyst for all learning-Shout out to @sanyuestelle
5. It's not about being right, or being afraid to be wrong.
6. Patience is a lived experience, not just a way to describe how people wait. 
7. Comparison kills creativity 
8. You can stay safe and still take risks. 
9. Gratitude is your life force

1. Be kind to yourself. 
2. Slow down, productivity doesn't make you a better person. 
3. Solo Camping is soulful
4. Read more books, write more poetry, sing more songs. In no particular order
5. Fall in love again with making plant medicine, dust off your old recipes, cultivate allies in your own backyard
6. An immersive embodied study group on tarot and dreamwork (two separate groups)
7. Pay what you want tarot monthly 
8. Hike a portion of the PCT this summer
9. WITCHES MUSE SEASON II: The Major Arcana of the Craft: Exploring one's individual craft, the art of creation, and how they share it with the collective community. .


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