Card #11 Part One: Justice Magick: Psychedelic Supremacy & Decolonizing Travel Culture with Bani Amor

I think the way to write decolonized travel narratives is to pursue our truths, the truth, so doggedly that it leads us off the path of tradition and into terra incognita. From there, the sky’s the limit. - Bani Amor

When speaking with Bani Amor, my world was unpacked and unfolded. They have so much wisdom to share and my fan girling of Bani Amor was no exception here, as I was honored to have them speak even though they were under the weather.

Always in search of their truth and finding their North Star of Honesty. They map through their experiences around social justice work, accountability and just living.

Episode 11 #Justice.png

We go through so much within this episode, and Bani takes the floor and really unpacks a lot around travel culture and who it’s written for.

We talk of Spiritual connection of healing, how we heal, and we look at how we may cause harm in the process.

What We Talk About:

  • Decolonization of Travel Culture (WHAT IS THIS!)

  • Belonging, Stories of Place, Migration

  • Bastardization of Culture

  • Rage as Motivator

  • Ayahuasca and the Heart of Whiteness

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