Card #11 Part Two: Justice Magick of Ancestral Reclaimation with Jana Lynne Umipig

Copy of Episode 11 #Justice (1).png

Each place I stand
I call my ancestors to stand with me
We create sacred circle
And invite all to bear witness
The divinity of who I am

Without love there can be no justice.

When JL and I began to talk, their ability to drop in and through the veil of the moment was instant, and bringing us to a place where our council of elders behind us sat and talked of our old ways. The goosebumps have risen and still not fallen.

We talk of Spiritual Capitalism and JL way of being settler and indigenous in this world while still providing tools of space holding. There is so much within this episode that makes it the perfect landing to end 2018. With this we traverse into the dark night of the soul, we begin the destructive parts of the ego-self, we navigate the terrain of that what makes use holy, and we arrive at the door steps of the questions that stir us beyond the surface of the mundane.

Apologies here, we had some recording glitches in the voice, so excuse us with a few of the sounds, and I hope it doesn’t sway you from listening.

What We Talk About

  • The Kapwa Justice Card

  • Jana as cultural bearer, educator

  • Questioning as a way of walking the world

  • Role as settler and indigenous

  • Experience of Walking with Elders & Teachers Unfolding

  • Spirituality and Social Justice-Awareness & Responsibility

  • The Origin and Visual Imagery of Kapwa Tarot

  • POC Tarot

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