Cosmic Conversations: July Edition

We’re back with Cosmic Conversations!

Were coming back!.png

I am excited to announce the return of Cosmic Conversations! We have an amazing new resident astrologer who will be giving monthly energy downloads. Eight House Astrology is a patriarchy smashing witch, who upon connecting deeper realized her snarky and star ways were an amazing blend to my sassy star waves⁠
Cristina will be offering monthly downloads that will be available on all the major podcast platforms we use.⁠
Right now, I am just finding the best artwork to describe this mini series within our greater podcast series, but we should be releasing here this weekend! ⁠
Cristina and I want to talk about capitalism and mainstream astrology, how we are not our sun signs, and how astrology really returns us home. We also would LOVE to take any questions you have about your chart. Leave some questions below, and we can start to compile some for August! ⁠

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Find the aspects here in a printable PDF.

Tara Burke