Card #18: The Moon: Home With Yourself with Keiko of Afrowitch

Here on the New Moon of Leo, I am feeling so full and courageous and this episode serves us up the Afro Witch, Keiko. We go back to the softness yet strength we see in lunar phases. Keiko tells us a story, and explores how suburban lifestyle was hard to build a connection to her brown witch self. Keiko talks of their tarot journey and how phases are so important to the work.

We explore how AfroWitch evolves, how we evolve. What fulfills us intuitively? When we aren’t able to take the time to get to ourselves, how can we show up in ways that support others and our communities that need us.

Episode 18 MOON (1).png

What We Talk About

  • Instagram Breaks (Surprise! Surprise!)

  • Moon Bathing

  • Magic is who we are, not what we are trying for

  • Do you drink water?

  • Relationship to Dreams

  • Color Consciousness

  • Empathetic Way of Being

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