Card #17: The Star: Return to The Self with Ari Felix of Saltwater Stars

Many questions do not have binary answers.

Ari helps one look closer to the questions that will be ones we are forever curious.

Written in the stars. Astrology is hot. Its starry eyed for certain, and if we aren’t careful astrology can be taken for grateful. To believe in Astrology, you have to believe how intrinsically important they are to the psyche and our wild becoming.

We interact on a superficial level, and we aren’t really willing to question on a different level.

We’re not talking about memes here, we are talking about deep seeded wounds that live through the constellations of our own stories..

Copy of Episode 17 The STAR.png

What We Talk About

  • Astrology and Consumption

  • Science and Self

  • Living beyond the binary is written in the stars

  • Social Justice Influencers: WTF?!

  • How I Choose Guests for Podcast

  • The Tower Keeps Us Here…

  • Waiting Is Work!

  • Yoruba and Ifá traditions

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