Card #19: THE SUN: Illuminate with Isis Indriya

The deeper you go into consciousness, you find your way to the Sacred -Micheal Pollan- 

We open in prayer. This is a practice I am honored to lean into, and know how deeply it is to sit with this. Isis Indriya is a cultural change maker, a priestess of this paradigm shift. 

I was in such deep reverence to be able to speak with them about this work, about the sun and its rays. As it sets on Virgo Season, this is what I see as the setting sun of summer within this episode. 

This was a spiritual voyage with Isis, and I would be see nothing less when you see their work in the world. I took a long ass time to air this episode, partially because it needed to incubate in its own liminal realms for a while. Listening to it, I can even hear my own voice dropping into this present state. 

Excuse my ums ya’ll in this episode! 

 I was more nervous than I thought! There is a little noise background in the middle of the podcast, we can’t shift those moments.

Isis is a bridge builder, a space holder, a gatherer. Her and Eve Bradford co-create the container for the Compass at LIB, a transformative festival in California.

Isis holds down the question, that I feel like is the backbone of this podcast..WHO ARE WE? This question is such a way of understanding our innate cosmology, how these fibers are woven together.

The sun card radiates so truthfully through this episode. It shows up the power of connection when we show together and in community. Simply to be grateful for this life. The art of seeing oneself in everything, and receiving the feedback are the rays of honesty that conducts a life of offering in beauty and wonderment. 

Remembering we have a role and purpose, tuning into our purpose and design is to be of service and to support the web of life.

Whats In This Episode

*An opening prayer for all relations 

*How we bring people together in sacred ways:why this is important 

*Personal Practice and Community Practice: Offerings & Beyond

*WE is in the work (village human and non-human supports)

*Paul Stamets and Tata Pedro with the power of prayer 

*Ritual as a way of life: all day everyday

*How to take care of interdependent life forms 

*Power: Dedicate to Solar Rituals to Clear Doubt 


Isis Indriya

Micheal Pollan

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Tara Burke