Card #5: The Hierophant: To Shine in Mystery with Word Witch Sanyu Estelle

Featuring Sanyu Estelle

Diving in with Sanyu was like touching down to earth with a modern mystic of our time. Funny and witty, yet extremely passionate with reverence to our very existence, when I first connected with Sanyu, there was no doubt they were gonna throw down for the Hierophant. They rumbled, they reveled, they rocked. 

We get down into the cosmos in this one, so please if you are interested in the herstory of words, how they form together and create the stories we weave. How we make meaning to do good on ourselves and the world, then my dears you've come to the right place. This is on the tails of many retrogrades and planetary shifts, so it's so fitting the episode that courts shine and sacrifice which is what seems to be the invitation these days (how can you shine, and also notice what needs to be sacrificed to the fire of your ego flame?)

Here we connect to Hierophant as the Sage, the wise womxn. What is offered is what is uncovered with our innate wisdom. 

We try not to intellectualize, yet the conversations words in palpable, present, and potent. As a sagittarius, I am a straight sucker for conversations around the psyche and the romance dance of the emotional intelligence versus the intellectual or physical intelligence of the human experience. Check it out. Dive in, and remember..You are beloved to your innate wholeness.

Things covered in this episode:

  • Etymology for Witches

  • Plant Alchemy Tarot Deck & It's Existence

  • White Privilege Survey

  • Knowledge & Wisdom

  • The Sage & The Hierophant



Curious to dive deeper with upcoming episodes of The Major Arcana of the Soul and all its community of story tellers?

I want to tell you about it in my musing missives.