Card #10: The Wheel of Fortune: The Destiny We Surrender to with ONYI LOVE

Being your true and authentic self not only shows honor and reverence for your own being, but it inspires and reminds gives them rise up and do the same.

My time with Onyi was nothing short of pure presence. Even though just over phone conversations and interweb weavings, her auric field radiates, and you can feel it in all the places that strike chords of resonance. They show up. Fully.

Note: We recorded this pre-travels and pre-website and now both are listed live!

Within this card of the Wheel of Fortune, we talk a lot of our work coming to a place of completion, to begin yet another cycle in refining, defining, and integrating our wholeness.

The path to remembering is a windy one, we journey through the Wheel of Fortune, a card of destiny and how our true work rewards us.

Onyi was about to take a trip to Europe to work with Pure Bio Energy when we last spoke. It was a great treasure to listen to a healer speak of their modality with such perspective and really shifting my thoughts and ideas around energy work (I have only really worked with Reiki Energy healing in the past).

The Wheel of Fortune card represents Fate, things that are made to happen. The power to shape what occurs in our lives, what gives form to the Universe. We are halfway between the final trump, and Onyi Love lays this pathway through her experience.

What We Talk About:

  • Opening & Closing Songs to Guide You Through

  • What is doing enough?

  • How do we navigate our destiny?

  • Spiritual Practice As Life & Direct Connections to African Spirituality including Ifá & Orisha

  • The energies around hair (shaved head) and cutting chords

  • PureBioenergy

  • Excitement versus Anxiety (How they differ, how one experience)

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