Card #3: The Empress: Royalty Lives Within You with Dust II Onyx Creator Courtney Alexander

Featuring Courtney Alexander- Creatrix of Dust II Onyx Tarot

Courtney and I met at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in 2017. She was on her first version of the Dust II Onyx Deck and we instantly clicked. Her energy was contagious, her smile and the way she grounded herself was generative. I felt super welcomed into her space and we talked a while and then ended up in a session with Mary Greer on reversals. 

Episode #3 Empress.png

I made a friend that day, and though we don't keep in as physical contact in this busy world we live in, Courtney's constantly dancing the cosmos of my thoughts. Her crown she wore upon her head and her assurance when she knew EXACTLY what card she would be, made this episode super sweet. Hope you enjoy it, as my laughter comes out here, we had a good time. 

Things covered in this episode:

  • Death Doula

  • Blackness misconstrued as darkness in society

  • Shadow work is prismatic and spectral

  • How being an entrepreneur in this world is a challenge

  • The masculine in the Empress

  • Courtney's original vehicle spread explained



Curious to dive deeper with upcoming episodes of The Major Arcana of the Soul and all its community of story tellers?

I want to tell you about it in my musing missives.