Card #4: The Emperor: Structure Can Be Sacred with Tarot Reader Lena Mikale of Hapa Bruja

Featuring Lena Mikale of Hapa Bruja

Episode #4 Emperor (1).png

Lena and I spent some time navigating our cultures of Hapa and Hafu. We talked of what it means to tend to both sides, and how they each provide a different place for us to anchor into. 

We navigate her ancestry of way finding, find depth in the waters of the soul, and once again call upon the Emperor from a place of the embodied masculine. Not to be isolated and pushed aside, but integrated and held. 

These past weeks, I have been engaging in a challenge around White Supremacy. This challenge, #meandwhitesupremacy has opened by eyes to the narrative that continues throughout my daily life and the ways I am complicit in racial bias. I urge anyone, especially white identifying folx to check this out. 

I will post a link to more information in the show resources and again in my newsletter. 

Things covered in this episode:

  • What sacred masculine work can look like

  • Polytheism and it's many facets

  • Folklore Facets from Lena's cultural background

  • Wayfinding Culture



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