Card #6: The Lovers: The Sacred Third with Aydian and Jennilee Dowling

Featuring Aydian and Jenilee Dowling

This episode is close to my heart because Aydian and Jenilee are part of the growing community I have in Eugene. It is amazing to connect with folks who see you, feel you, and can have conversations that surpass the surface, straight on to the cosmos. 

Jenilee and I had the pleasure of meeting at the yoga studio I currently teach at. We had an immediate connection and loved being around one another. The moments we have together and the time we've spent passes beyond time. Its moments like that, they put into perspective the prismatic layers of life.  

Aydian is a new friend, yet one whose fierce fire lands me right at home in my heart. The tenacity of their character and what they stand for, as they track everyday the desire to live their purpose and make their gifts visible. 

I want to express here that there are sacred third(s), something not defined by the way society expresses masculine or feminine straight to gender specific norms. In this episode, the gender binary is expressed through archetypes, though it is not expressed by male and female bodied specific. In short, we can express feminine and masculine archetypes regardless of gender. Do you, if nothing else. 

Things covered in this episode: 

  •   Courting the line of divine  

  •   The origin story of Jennilee and Aydian

  •   How society uses gender to define us

  •   The way we carry ourselves, how we define masculine and feminine

  •   Where the gender liminal realm can live.               


Episode #6 The Lovers (5).png

Curious to dive deeper with upcoming episodes of The Major Arcana of the Soul and all its community of story tellers?

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