Card #7: The Chariot: Beacon of the Liminal Realm featuring Ayesha Ophelia of the Girlfriend Manifesto

Featuring Ayesha Ophelia of the Girlfriend Manifesto

"Love is simply the name for the desire and pursuit of the whole."

When I spoke to Ayesha we immediately synced into the rhythms of voice and connected fields of conversation. 

When I first spoke to Ayesha, there was a moment of such inspiration. I felt immediately connected to her story, and the way she had embarked on her journey of becoming. I still am in awe of her ability to carry and hold all that she does with such grace, and such dedication. 

When the podcast launched on the solstice this year (whoa! Its only been two months!) I was floored when I saw that Ayesha was offering Wild Hearts Symposium

We talk of so many things, and what a perfect way to begin our threshold crossing of summer's final daze, and the steps into Fall's sweet embrace. 

Things covered in this episode: 

  • Modern Mystic-Who are you?

  • What gathering as womxn does for soul

  • How we tend to what matters in our place of belonging

  • Wild Hearts Symposium, and the origin from Spirit

  • Swing Low Sweet Chariot Song Moment

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