Card #9: The Hermit: Being Alone is Mystery's Gift with Callie Heron of Pachamama Apothecary

Featuring Callie Heron of Pachamama Apothecary

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”- Joseph Campbell

The time I spend alone means volumes to me. It allows me the opportunity to settle in and dig deep. I want to really implore here a few things. It is a deep privilege to be alone. It takes time and energy. I also do not want to discount anyone who has mental health concerns around being alone and is suffering from their own trauma due to loneliness. In this circumstance, there is simply no conditioning to this experience, it something that you have had to hold and be with throughout your lifetime.

Callie and I talk of her time in the show Alone. She spent 72 days on a solo quest in Patagonia. The Hermit carries their beacon of knowledge on their journey. They bring wisdom forth from their time alone. We talk of what it likes to take space away from societal constructions, and see whats left when we leave identity behind.

In this Episode

  • Alone vs. Lonely

  • Origin Story of Pachamama

  • Viewing yourself as your best friend

  • How something takes time to cultivate, and we really don’t fully recognize

  • Social Media breaks are necessity

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