Privacy & Integrity Policy

The Witches Muse feels that transparency and radical honesty are what makes this podcast so important. We honor your boundaries and decisions around your privacy. The Witches Muse only collects name and emails that been filled out by you individually or with your consent to have them filled out for special giveaways or unique offerings. 

We never buy emails. We never share, lease, or sell your name or email. 

We don't subscribe to the agenda of online marketing to track your online activity. We use Mailchimp for all of our mailing list communications, and know that they have worked extremely hard to ensure their GDRP policies are in the utmost integrity and legally responsible. 

We utilize our analytics to be in conversation with what the needs and priorities are for listeners, or to offer special appreciation and props in forms of gifts or seasonal promotions. 

We currently send out weekly musings on upcoming episodes with links to our Patreon page as well as the occasional poetic ramble and ode to mystery that sparks us during certain phases of the moon. You can choose to opt out at any time or change your preferences at the end of any email you receive from us. 

We are deep grateful for your presence and times spent with us, and look forward to continuing this friendship,