Welcome to The Witches Muse...

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So many stories have gone unspoken and unheard in our world.

Our sleeping culture has too long been whiplashed between a competitive race to dominate- the market, each other, the planet- and an alarmingly low estimation of ourselves and our potential.

The oppressive structures of the current paradigm leave so many of us without roots, without sense of self.

I’ve often felt like a wanderer in the wind, unsure if what I do in the world matters. Storytelling, for me, has become the thread that keeps me tethered to the Soul of the world, to you, to all that is possible and all that needs wholing.  The Witches Muse came about to support the sacred art of storytelling, in deep, inclusive and meaningful ways.

We’ve all heard a story that made our heart skip a beat, made us question our very existence, made us angry and frustrated, made us sink back into our chair with tears in our eyes.

I urge you to listen to your own stories, both those that bring you to life and the ones that keep you trapped in boxes too paltry for a spirit as grand as yours.

Notice how your stories place so much hold on the soul. Remember the stories of your ancient ones, your earth-based ways, and the rhythms that reflect through us in nature’s dance

My own story is as rich and as messy, as confusing and painful and beautiful as any. I am a biracial women of Japanese and Western-European descent. I’ve realized that I’ve lived under a certain gaze in which the world is viewed. I’ve taken experimental and imperfect steps and movements towards decolonizing my experience. This all began with getting really clear on my core values.

I recognize my ancestors’ strides as well as their struggles in assimilation, imprisonment (Japanese internment), and exile from their homes. Concurrently, I’m living on stolen land where everywhere I turn I see a yet-unhealed or even fully recognized ocean of broken hearts and promises.

Helping to pick up the pieces while simultaneously recognizing our own piece is the greatest challenge of our times, and is a vow I have personally taken.

This vow takes patience, getting out of the way, and a heightened, ongoing state of self-reflection. The work of social justice is a sacred act, and I vow to support systems that bring equity and justice, dismantling chain by chain- and story by story- those that do not.

I am an edge walker, changemaker, and dream weaver. I long for a culture of deep listening and equity.


When I was a little girl, I remembered that the world was an imaginative space that longed to be heard. Growing up in a suburban space, most of my childhood was spent dancing between what felt completely foreign with harsh concrete edges, to moments of incredible reprieve when I did connect to the wildness within.

Image and metaphor are languages I have learned to live into as I explore the deep waters of my own inner landscape. This world of imagination has become endangered in our times, and I believe deeply in the task of repopulating the world with living mythos.

It’s never too late to let yourself back in- into the wild, into the Soul of the World, into a more empowering story for yourself and your community.

I’ve arrived here at this moment of conversation with you by a series of dances and chances I’ve taken and given, by way of authentic failures and walking to the very edge and beyond of my comfortable space to make room for what’s beneath the surface. I want to know and am constantly curious about what it means to truly come alive.

The first spiral of my life was focused on creating and cultivating experiences for people, namely in the space of large scale, highly creative music and art events. My tools of community organizing and event production now find passage into the creation of this podcast, my offerings (coming soon!), and the creation of meaningful events and retreats for women. 

Becoming vulnerable and leaning into earth-based magick, I’ve realized that I live to bring mystery as primary. To connect with what lies underground, something that we explore to the depths. That which we may only touch and skim the surface of, that which puts us in awe and wonder of the world around us and the worlds within us.

My work offers a safe and honest container for diverse voices to be heard and celebrated. For important work to be seen and supported. For tracking our edge and for learning from those living into their deepest gifts. For exploring shadow, lifting stones to see what wriggles beneath.

For stories just outside the fray that yearn to be spoken into the world’s consciousness...

I'm honored to see your feet in the soil next to mine, while howling at the moon. May the quest continue until all peoples, creatures and lands are free to reach their highest potential, fully reconnected in the sacred web of all that is.